Hey gaming pals! Shroud, the big-time streamer, has been exploring Escape from Tarkov lately, riding the wave of its popularity after a massive update. But guess what? He’s also been trying out The Finals, a fresh, fast-paced first-person shooter that’s been making waves since it dropped in December 2023. Let’s dive into what Shroud had to say about it.

The Lowdown on The Finals

So, Shroud hopped on TikTok and spilled some thoughts about The Finals – the pacing, the mechanics, the whole deal. He dropped a statement that’s got the gaming world talking. According to Shroud, The Finals might be a bit too much for the ‘COD brain.’ Ouch! We all know Call of Duty has its own style, but are COD players really not up for the challenge? Let’s dig in.

The Showdown: The Finals vs. Call of Duty

Call of Duty – everyone knows it, right? It’s like the rockstar of first-person shooters, with a history longer than your gaming playlist. Millions of fans, legendary status, you name it. Now, compare that to The Finals – a newbie on the scene, a free-to-play arena shooter from Embark Studios. It’s barely a month old but has already grabbed over ten million SLOTGACOR players. Impressive, but is it really a match for the COD giant?

The Finals Unleashed

Let’s be real – The Finals is no easy stroll. It’s a wild ride, a rollercoaster of destruction, crazy verticality, and a sprinkle of ‘hero mechanics’ tossed in. It’s like a spiced-up Call of Duty – a bit more complex, a tad more tactical. Shroud might be onto something here. In The Finals, you can’t just rely on your perfect aim or slick moves to dominate a match. It’s all about tactics and teamwork, something you might not see in your usual COD rounds.

Shroud’s Take

Now, here’s the twist – Shroud, the ex-CSGO pro, hasn’t been best pals with Call of Duty over the years. His Call of Duty highlight? Black Ops 4, and that was back in 2019. Warzone? Just a sprinkle of 88 hours in four years. So, when he throws some shade at the COD crew, it stirs things up. Was he poking fun at COD players, or did he have a point about The Finals being a different animal?

The Verdict: Can COD Players Rise to the Challenge?

Shroud’s quick remark sparked a discussion. Is The Finals really too much for COD players, or is it just a different flavor? If you step into The Finals, you’ll notice it asks for more brainpower, more teamwork. But hey, that doesn’t mean COD fans can’t handle it, right? Whether you’re a Call of Duty fanatic or just curious about The Finals, the gaming world keeps spinning. Let the battles begin!

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