At least 27 individuals lost their lives and 106 others were injured as violent clashes erupted between two powerful armed factions in Tripoli, the southern capital of Libya.  The confrontation occurre when the commander of the 444 Brigade, Mahmoud Hamza, was detain by a rival faction, the Special Deterrence Force, at the Mitiga airport. The cause for his detention stays undisclosed.

Violence Erupts After Detention of Key Commander

Fighting started out after the detention of Mahmoud Hamza, the commander of the 444 Brigade, at the primary Mitiga airport in Tripoli. This effective discern changed into apprehended with the aid of using a rival faction, the Special Deterrence Force, which controls the airport. The reason behind Hamza’s detention remains unclear, triggering intense clashes between the two factions.

Casualties and Ceasefire Agreement

Civilian casualties were report alongside military casualties in the intense fighting. The battles marked some of the most severe violence in Libya this year, leaving the capital city engulfed in smoke. The clashes concluded following an agreement brokered with the UN-recognized Government of National Unity. The accord involves transferring Hamza to a neutral party and calls for halting military operations, returning troops to their barracks, evaluating property damage, and issuing compensations. 

UN Monitors Developments and Calls for Protection of Civilians

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) intently monitored the safety incidents, emphasizing the obligation of all involved parties to safeguard civilians according to international law.  The mission underscored the significance of protecting the civilian population amidst the violence.

Turbulent History and Ongoing Conflicts

Since the division of the country into warring factions in 2014 following the NATO-backed uprising against Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, Libya has struggled to maintain stability.  The Special Deterrence Force and the 444 Brigade are regard as the most potent military forces in the Libyan capital, exerting influence in an already complex and tumultuous landscape. 

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