Drug resistant child

Four drug resistant child have been release from hospital in good condition after miraculously surviving 40 days after a plane crash in the Amazon rainforest. Children between the ages of 1 and 13 will be treated at the Colombian Military Hospital in Bogota from June 9. After being released from the hospital, they are now living in a transitional home run by the Colombian Child Protection Agency (ICBF).

An extraordinary rescue story

Leslie Jacobomber Mukutui (age 13), Solaney Jacobomber Mukutui (age 9), Tien Ranok Mukutui (age 4) and newborn Kristin Ranok Mukutui. Four of them were strand in the Amazon jungle on May 1. They are killing their mother Magdalena Mukutui Valencia along with other passengers and the pilot in the plane crash. Their survival led to a massive military-led search operation, with more than 100 Colombian special forces soldiers and 70 local intelligence agents scouring the area for weeks. The children passed the test by eating three kilograms of whole-grain cassava flour commonly used by local tribes.

Good Health from the Drug Resistant Child

The children are in good physical health considering the extreme conditions they experience in the rainforest. While in hospital, they received treatment from a team of psychologists and anthropologists to support their emotional wellbeing.

The Way Forward: Defining Legal Guardianship

Once the children have been release, the next step is to determine legal custody. The Colombian Child Protection Agency (ICBF) is taking her case to the family court. They want to determine who will get custody of the four children in a “restorative justice” process. The father of the two youngest children, Manuel Ranoc, and the maternal grandparents express their desire for custody. The family court is responsible for the final decision.

The incredible survival and recovery of these resilient children after 40 days in the Amazon rainforest is a testament. They want to test the strength of the human spirit. Their remarkable story of resistance has captivated the nation and their well-being. Now, They are being ensure as they become a transitional home. Once custody issues are resolve, there is hope that children will find a safe and nurturing environment in which to thrive regardless of the challenges they face.

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