Mexican President

The Mexican president ongoing campaign to undermine a prominent opposition contender for the 2024 presidential election has drawn official criticism from the federal election authority. While intended to damage the democratic process, it has had an unintended effect – bolstering the opposition coalition’s chances. The opposition candidate, Xóchitl Gálvez, has gained momentum despite relentless attacks from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Gálvez’s Rise Amidst Attacks

As Mexican President López Obrador continues to criticize Gálvez in news conferences, calling her names and releasing her private financial information, she has capitalized on the attention and gained popularity. She is now a leading contender within the opposition coalition, which was initially seen as less favorable compared to the president’s party.

President’s Popularity and Succession

Despite controversial policies and issues like high Covid-19 death rates and cartel violence, López Obrador enjoys high favorability ratings. However, he is barred from seeking re-election, and crowded primaries have begun to determine his successor.

Gálvez’s Appeal and Momentum

Gálvez, a freshman senator representing the conservative PAN party, brought energy and media attention to the opposition contest with her compelling personal story and headline-grabbing stunts. She has fought back against the president’s attacks, framing him as reckless and machista. In recent polls, Gálvez’s support within the coalition primary has surged, putting her ahead of other contenders from the president’s party.

Electoral Scrutiny and Consequences

The National Electoral Institute has called out López Obrador’s comments, stating that they may violate electoral principles of impartiality and neutrality. The president has been order to stop making comments on electoral issues. Despite the ruling, he has continued his attacks, sharing information about Gálvez’s company online. Legal experts say such actions against political rivals are unprecedented in recent Mexican elections.


President López Obrador’s attacks on opposition contender Xóchitl Gálvez have inadvertently boosted her campaign and popularity. Despite criticism and official warnings, the president has continued his aggressive tactics, raising concerns about the impact on Mexico’s democratic foundations. As the race for the 2024 presidential election progresses, the political landscape in Mexico remains highly contentious and closely watched by international observers.

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